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Grant Application

If you would like financial assistance for your special activities, events, programs or materials, please apply for a grant by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete this grant request form by NOON on the Friday preceding the Booster Club meeting.

  2. Attend the Booster Club meeting to present your request and answer any questions. We strongly urge applicants, including students who will benefit from a grant, to participate in the discussion for your request.

Fill Out Grant Information Below:
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Previous Grant Requests
Have you previously requested a Booster Club grant for this event/need?
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Impact of Grant on Students
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Funding Sources
Did you seek to have your request funded as part of the PCHS budget?

List all other funding sources and how much, if any, are being used for this request.

You may list up to 3 sources.  Please first list the source, then the amount.  If there are none then leave it blank.

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